A Day of Peace

Today is the anniversary of Armistice Day, that day when the peace treaty with Germany
was signed for the western front in 1917.

The term “Armistice” is from the Latin “arma”, meaning “weapons and stadium; a truce.”
That truce was fully realized in the European theater on June 28, 1919 in Versaille, France, officially ending World War I — also called the “War to end all wars.”

Our dad was born four years before this truce and mom was born one year later. Their
births were surrounded by war and peace.

This is a great reminder to turn our attention to the battle that has raged for the soul of man. Here we find the resting place of our parents, who each found their treaty of peace with the Savior. It was signed with the blood of Jesus and still avails today.

Jesus signed the Armistice of Peace on the cross of Calvary; mom and dad each ratified it with their choice to sign on for peace from the battle that waged against them.

The devil was finished on the cross, but the actual culmination of the peace treaty from heaven will find its Versaille when the last person on this earth accepts the finished work of Calvary.

Mom and dad found peace; now let’s make sure we each have peace — peace in Christ,
most importantly, and peace from the battle that wages around this soil.

Jesus provided the truce. Now we need to sign up to make its effect into our lives.