The Fresh Breeze of Heaven

The shade of life closed up within
When loss became my name.
It shut down life as I knew then,
Surrounding me with pain.

God opens now that covered place –
The sad portal of loss.
Reminding me of love and grace
That took Him to a cross.

My previous Heavenly Father knew
A child loss of his own,
When his son -our Lord Jesus Christ,
Left his royal throne.

Separation from His own abode
Is what the Lord did feel,
When the darkness of my sin closed in,
So I could one day heal.

Through the times when I’ve coasted
Through stale air,
As if life passed me by,
The Holy Spirit came to call
And drew me to the sky.

My daughter – He would say to you:
You’ve kept this vigil long.
It’s time my fresh breeze comes inside,
So you can sing my healing song.