Just Love Them

“Just love them” was the mandate as you set your gaze to come.
“Just love them” don’t seek to change them, and you’ll see what they’ll become.
“Just love them” was the spirit for the tone which you did set.
“Just love them” is not a phase of life, but a ministry well spent.

For God’s love is the foundation of the grace Calvary wrought,
and you balanced truth with gentleness of the kind salvation bought.
And loving means transparence of your heart through veils of clay.
In this solemn moment, we thank you here today.

“Just love them” was told to Peter, so to Jesus’ lambs He did tend.
The Great Shepherd drew His man forward to help each sheep to mend.
“Just love them” is not a catch phrase, but the heart of God in time.
“Just love them” is the answer to the questions you did find.

When you love, God shows His presence and reveals what mortals see.
There’s a glow that’s captured in the center of the Sovereign’s mystery.
The crescendo of your love here is the anthem your life did bring,
And continues to point us upward, where heaven’s praises ring.

“Just love them” was God’s instrument, as you worked the Potter’s wheel.
“Just love them” found its liberty as you showed the grace to yield.
“Just love them” was the guidance as your mind did wield His Word.
“Just love them” was God’s focus and at Living Springs was gladly heard.

The love you gave was first bestowed upon your weathered brow.
“Just love them” came from God’s own throne. I hope you feel it now.
You loved us through your counsel and from your teachings we have learned.
On behalf of this great family, we love you in return.