Love On a Porch

With wood and nails the place is set to
Form a union there,
And draw all those gathered round-
This hallowed time to share.

The porch serves to connect a home; it’s
Covered entrance bare.
But filled with mercy and love in veiw,
Shows hope beyond compare.

The painted work that has been done will
Greet the guests that come,
Adorning the house that’s been prepared,
For what this home’s become.

It’s attached to our great home on high,
Where there’s another piece of wood.
The nails of Christ kept grace intact,
As heaven knew it would.

With Calvary’s wood and nails in place,
This day can be complete.
God welcomed us into His home-
A real wedding feast.

This painted porch will be the stage for
Love revealed in bloom.
May each one sense the garden host
In nature’s wedding room.