Memorial Service for Judy

When think of Judy, I think of:

“J” is for Jesus Christ because He is the One who gave her real life.
I was so privileged to be her pastor when a few years ago
she wanted to follow the Lord in baptism, which doesn’t save us
but declares our faith. What a great testimony that lingers because she
wanted to follow Jesus and she did it in fullness on November 23, 2015.

“U” is for unique. Her spicy red hair meant that she meant business. Her bright eyes, with a bit of an extra wink, welcomed everyone. Her smile lit up a room and her voice calmed many a difficulty.

“D” is for devout in her faith in Jesus Christ and her family. There was nobody who could put Jerry in his place like Judy, but that place was right next to her. She cherished her family, church family, friends and her beloved doggies.

“Y” is for why we are here, because trust in Jesus gets us to God’s house.
Truly Judy is Mrs Marvelous. I am truly sorry I could not be there. All my love.