Speaking the Father’s Language

A young boy was at his grandmother’s house,
in need of her sweet, tender care,
but he knew if he didn’t speak in her native tongue,
there’d be no nurturing there.

This speaks of a truth we all need to receive
when we dwell upon our dear Lord:
to embrace the deep part of Gods truest self,
we find it when in one accord.

Agreement in language allows us to foster
a relationship with everyone.
Agreement in prayer, which is God’s own language,
comes solely through knowing the Son.

Language was the Creator’s chosen method
for communication here below,
so God enabled man to form words and letters
as each civilization would grow.

Gods precious Son was the Word He extended
to relay His message divine,
and Jesus did fit that blessed translation
when He descended in time.

Jesus is called the Logos of God,
the divine expression from above,
The Alpha and Omega, Greek alphabet letters
surround this language of love.

Then in a garden with an audience of three,
Jesus conversed with His Father in view,
explaining in words concerning Himself:
He’s the language the Father listens to.

No matter where we find ourselves,
we’re in the Father’s domain.
Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to help us
develop the language of that Name.