Voice Mail

A call to find some info sure, your quest is not complete.
You find voice mail has taken o’er, before you take your seat.

You get all info from the voice, except what you have sought.
Because it cannot meet your needs; it gives what it’s been taught.

Dial “1” for address, “2” for phone – there is no end in sight.
Of course, there is no number for the need you have that night.

For office hours or the like it seems a good intent,
But if you need some more detail, there’s no one there to vent.

Oh yes, you can press “0”, you see. To find a person real.
But by the time you’ve pressed the sequence set your fingers lose their feel.

The yellow page – the finger walk is hard now to compare.
You miss the days when brains were used to find the info there.