Welcome Home

“Welcome Home” — God’s banner flung in joy,
On March 21st, this glorious Lord’s day.
It waves us on in a victory song,
With His work proudly displayed

We’ve been displaced since the advent time,
When nature was tucked within the snow.
Now spring will lift the blanket’s edge,
And we’ll worship as we go.

We gladly leave the winter place, and return as family
To the spring of life at living springs, welling up in victory.

Now we know no flood can drown our hope; no force can move
God’s door.
Like the walls — we’re lively stones held tight in hand
For what God does have in store.

As we enter our restored church today, we are glad we’re
N’er to roam.
The same dove who sent Noah to safe, dry ground,
Through the Spirit says “Welcome Home”.