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Look to Jesus

LOOK to Jesus:

L = Listen carefully; don’t respond out of emotion or pain. Listen with your heart and ears.
O = Only respond when asked and minimize that response.
O = Open your heart to acknowledge your error – let God be concerned with everyone else’s errors.
K = Keep the LAMB in your perspective and die to self.

Let LOVE pave the way.

For God So Loved the World

For God so loved the world…

F = Forgiveness
O = Obeyed
R = Resurrected

He did it all so we could follow Him

The Song of Life

There’s a song along life’s journey; its crescendo is delayed.
When changes start to gather in the scales of every day.

Though it’s building to that moment when the music seems complete.
a measure of dull tuning finds a place we must repeat.

Here the notes are full in real time; nothing’s flat or sharp to rise,
for the things that shape our lives and times are to the Sovereign no

Thank God for all the rests provided along the upward way, there the
song contains the promise of a better, future day.

Here we find peace within its borders, as composed by God above, and
the music soars in stanzas of the song we know as love.

Winter of ’63

I remember it well- ’63.
Winter vacation was there just for me.
Excitements abound,
We’re holiday bound.
Nothing could ruin my time off, you see.

It was holiday, ’63.
Seven years old when this happened to me.
All my cartoon shows
Were interrupted, then slow
The riderless horse and caisson I’d see.

Who can forget the veil and the black,
The kiss, salute for dead jack?
That time nothing was on
Except what has become
The event that knocked us off the track.

It was innocence, ’63.
I was unaware, to its fullest degree.
All that I knew
Was my entertainment was through.
Something happened so dreadfully.

We look back on november, ’63.
For a nation and family we grieve.
After the smile and the wave,
Hope was then blown away.
Of this, we still cannot believe.

The same age as Caroline was I.
I think of her question as “Why?”
What I missed was a show.
What she missed was the whole.
Her future with Daddy did die.

The irony here – it’s this way,
As I recount that horrific day.
While disgusted I got,
That my shows lost their spot.
I should have stayed in then to pray.

They Woke to Light

They woke to light; we woke to dread.
They scaled the height; our depth we tread.
For them, no hurt; we writhe in pain.
They’ve gained the Son; our dark remains.

New focus clear; our minds begin
To see their place – eternal spin.
The time’s at hand, survey their ground.
What we have lost, Heaven has found.

Welcome Home

“Welcome Home” — God’s banner flung in joy,
On March 21st, this glorious Lord’s day.
It waves us on in a victory song,
With His work proudly displayed

We’ve been displaced since the advent time,
When nature was tucked within the snow.
Now spring will lift the blanket’s edge,
And we’ll worship as we go.

We gladly leave the winter place, and return as family
To the spring of life at living springs, welling up in victory.

Now we know no flood can drown our hope; no force can move
God’s door.
Like the walls — we’re lively stones held tight in hand
For what God does have in store.

As we enter our restored church today, we are glad we’re
N’er to roam.
The same dove who sent Noah to safe, dry ground,
Through the Spirit says “Welcome Home”.

Love On a Porch

With wood and nails the place is set to
Form a union there,
And draw all those gathered round-
This hallowed time to share.

The porch serves to connect a home; it’s
Covered entrance bare.
But filled with mercy and love in veiw,
Shows hope beyond compare.

The painted work that has been done will
Greet the guests that come,
Adorning the house that’s been prepared,
For what this home’s become.

It’s attached to our great home on high,
Where there’s another piece of wood.
The nails of Christ kept grace intact,
As heaven knew it would.

With Calvary’s wood and nails in place,
This day can be complete.
God welcomed us into His home-
A real wedding feast.

This painted porch will be the stage for
Love revealed in bloom.
May each one sense the garden host
In nature’s wedding room.

Eye Your Children

Your eyes are on the clothes and shoes –
Pray tell, then, where’s your child?
Why do you allow distractions when
Your restless child grows wild?

Why, happy you, surveying sights, amassing
Things as joy,
Hear not the child, but take your eyes
Off your sweet girl or boy.

If you’re not looking out for them,
With designated care,
God help this child if one eyes them
And sees you unaware.

Voter Smart

Why is it if we vote your way,
We are progressive smart.
If, on the other hand, we change-
We’re ignorant from the start?

Can this same people be both
Dumb and smart with voting voice?
I think not – you are just not satisfied
With their new choice.

The next time we go to the polls
And choose after the talk.
If you still question the voter’s mind,
It may be you going for a walk.

Voice Mail

A call to find some info sure, your quest is not complete.
You find voice mail has taken o’er, before you take your seat.

You get all info from the voice, except what you have sought.
Because it cannot meet your needs; it gives what it’s been taught.

Dial “1” for address, “2” for phone – there is no end in sight.
Of course, there is no number for the need you have that night.

For office hours or the like it seems a good intent,
But if you need some more detail, there’s no one there to vent.

Oh yes, you can press “0”, you see. To find a person real.
But by the time you’ve pressed the sequence set your fingers lose their feel.

The yellow page – the finger walk is hard now to compare.
You miss the days when brains were used to find the info there.