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Memorial Service for Judy

When think of Judy, I think of:

“J” is for Jesus Christ because He is the One who gave her real life.
I was so privileged to be her pastor when a few years ago
she wanted to follow the Lord in baptism, which doesn’t save us
but declares our faith. What a great testimony that lingers because she
wanted to follow Jesus and she did it in fullness on November 23, 2015.

“U” is for unique. Her spicy red hair meant that she meant business. Her bright eyes, with a bit of an extra wink, welcomed everyone. Her smile lit up a room and her voice calmed many a difficulty.

“D” is for devout in her faith in Jesus Christ and her family. There was nobody who could put Jerry in his place like Judy, but that place was right next to her. She cherished her family, church family, friends and her beloved doggies.

“Y” is for why we are here, because trust in Jesus gets us to God’s house.
Truly Judy is Mrs Marvelous. I am truly sorry I could not be there. All my love.

The Cains are Able

The ebola virus changed life’s terrain, which buried hope amid a mountain of pain.

This channel of death – it’s toll has taken, and with the touch of death Sierra Leone is shaken.

Dropped into this cavity of sorrow and loss, God sent the Cains with heart and His cross.

The cross defeats death right in its wake and provides great assistance for Jesus’ sake.

With heart and hand they serve the lost, without any thought of its great cost.

Carrie’s going “home” to bring hope to their pain. God is bringing life again through Carrie Jo and Geoffrey Cain.

The Coming Storm

When we were kids and the skies would change, we’d get contrary views.

While Mom would scream our names to come, our dad would take a snooze.

Mom’s fear encircled all her words, for she wanted us safe and sound,

And dad, well – he just was not afraid, so we knew where he’d be found.

Now in this wicked world of ours, where the storm clouds are starting to gather,

We’re grateful that Mom and Dad are safe in Christ, for that is all that matters.

Mom’s name is known in heaven above and God called her to his side,

And Dad is resting in the faith God gave that caused him to abide.

The storm that’s coming sounds an alarm that only the Christian can hear.

Mom and Dad’s kids have that hearing aid for the coming storm that’s near.

The Fresh Breeze of Heaven

The shade of life closed up within
When loss became my name.
It shut down life as I knew then,
Surrounding me with pain.

God opens now that covered place –
The sad portal of loss.
Reminding me of love and grace
That took Him to a cross.

My previous Heavenly Father knew
A child loss of his own,
When his son -our Lord Jesus Christ,
Left his royal throne.

Separation from His own abode
Is what the Lord did feel,
When the darkness of my sin closed in,
So I could one day heal.

Through the times when I’ve coasted
Through stale air,
As if life passed me by,
The Holy Spirit came to call
And drew me to the sky.

My daughter – He would say to you:
You’ve kept this vigil long.
It’s time my fresh breeze comes inside,
So you can sing my healing song.

The Father is Known Through the Sun

I knew not Gordon in this life, but I met him through his son.
Dennis shared the Gordon story of the grace that Calvary won.

Your Gordon fought the fight of faith, ushering him into God’s arms.
Now he’s safe inside the heart of God and is free from earthly harm.

Recently you celebrated the ninety years he walked upon this earth.
How blessed you were to share those tears, for you know now what they’re worth.

Your tears water the garden left, to show the promise made –
That living for the Savior produces blossoms that will not fade.

Now the tears flow once again at loss, yet we know what Gordon’s found.
He met the Heavenly Father through his Son, and at death was glory bound.

His Name

I heard his name throughout my youth – this thing his mom would say:

Charles awoke at dawn to take his tests, and he aced them every day.

I remember one phrase he himself did say: “Windom is a good place to be from”.

The name Charles is French and means this: “manly one, a man”,

yet he was tender to the touch of life, for Charles did understand.

After I officiated the funeral for his mom, he sent his thanks in wood –

a carved wood road runner, crafted well. I cherish it, as I should.

He reminds me of the dual drill – first, the basic training mind,

and then the dentist he ultimately became, of the military kind.

Oh how proud of him you’ll always be, and he’ll never truly depart,

for his name and life are carved within the chambers of your heart.

Eternity Hinges on Jesus

Wally Steele saw a need unfold and crafted bits for his use.
They’d function in a working hinge, so that a door would not be loose.
Held together with the nails on the cross, this carpenter surely bore
The bite of sin which unhinged us all- welcome to Christ’s framed open door!
Jesus put His name and heart inside from where the cross is viewed.
Look closely for yourself, my friend: He’s the door waiting for you.

The Song of Life

There’s a song along life’s journey; its crescendo is delayed.
When changes start to gather in the scales of every day.

Though it’s building to that moment when the music seems complete.
a measure of dull tuning finds a place we must repeat.

Here the notes are full in real time; nothing’s flat or sharp to rise,
for the things that shape our lives and times are to the Sovereign no

Thank God for all the rests provided along the upward way, there the
song contains the promise of a better, future day.

Here we find peace within its borders, as composed by God above, and
the music soars in stanzas of the song we know as love.

Sparkling Jewels for Jesus

Written for the children of Living Springs Wesleyan

We’re sparkling jewels for Jesus — we shine for all to see.
Look close — a crown is forming in Christ’s eternity.
Each gem is brightly colored, with the richness from God’s throne.
There each one of us is wanted; our God saved us for His own.

1st VERSE:
These children show the smile that our Savior gladly wears,
since other children walked at Galilee and saw how much He cares.
God has given us these jewels — precious gems within this place.
They bring joy into the House of God and form a smile across our face.

We’re sparkling jewels for Jesus — we shine for all to see.
Look close — a crown is forming in Christ’s eternity.
Each gem is brightly colored, with the richness from God’s throne.
There each one of us is wanted; our God saved us for His own.

2nd VERSE:
Their tender hearts and rising voices replay the Savior’s creed:
Come right now to Jesus Christ, for He is all you need.
They know that Jesus loves them, and they sing His anthem song.
The crown of heaven sparkles with these jewels who do belong.

We’re sparkling jewels for Jesus — we shine for all to see.
Look close — a crown is forming in Christ’s eternity.
Each gem is brightly colored, with the richness from God’s throne.
There each one of us is wanted; our God saved us for His own.

Welcome Home

“Welcome Home” — God’s banner flung in joy,
On March 21st, this glorious Lord’s day.
It waves us on in a victory song,
With His work proudly displayed

We’ve been displaced since the advent time,
When nature was tucked within the snow.
Now spring will lift the blanket’s edge,
And we’ll worship as we go.

We gladly leave the winter place, and return as family
To the spring of life at living springs, welling up in victory.

Now we know no flood can drown our hope; no force can move
God’s door.
Like the walls — we’re lively stones held tight in hand
For what God does have in store.

As we enter our restored church today, we are glad we’re
N’er to roam.
The same dove who sent Noah to safe, dry ground,
Through the Spirit says “Welcome Home”.