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For Brett

To sit down and dine at the table of the Master;
That is true Christianity.

To take that treasure, share and serve it to
those who are hungry;
That is true Ministry.

To linger at that table and commune with the Master;
That is pure devotion.

To share that time with a fellow servant of God;
That is a godly friendship.

Look to Jesus

LOOK to Jesus:

L = Listen carefully; don’t respond out of emotion or pain. Listen with your heart and ears.
O = Only respond when asked and minimize that response.
O = Open your heart to acknowledge your error – let God be concerned with everyone else’s errors.
K = Keep the LAMB in your perspective and die to self.

Let LOVE pave the way.

Stay Within the Lines

As little children we all drew in coloring books for play,
but in all actuality, that skill can serve this day.

In coming here to graduation, as you exit your high school years,
you’ll need some extra wisdom, as you glance upon your peers.

Remember there’s invisible fencing in life to protect us on our road.
It’s God’s inner reinforcement to confirm what we’ve been told.

From the Scripture and Ten Commandments to the conscience God supplied,
let your spirit move within these walls as the Holy Spirit guides.

Proceed forward with the mind that’s been a gift given to you,
and with the love of family and friends, keep all these things in view.

This skill has served you well and should help your future shine.
Just remember in your future choices, then, that you stay within in the lines.