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The Coming Storm

When we were kids and the skies would change, we’d get contrary views.

While Mom would scream our names to come, our dad would take a snooze.

Mom’s fear encircled all her words, for she wanted us safe and sound,

And dad, well – he just was not afraid, so we knew where he’d be found.

Now in this wicked world of ours, where the storm clouds are starting to gather,

We’re grateful that Mom and Dad are safe in Christ, for that is all that matters.

Mom’s name is known in heaven above and God called her to his side,

And Dad is resting in the faith God gave that caused him to abide.

The storm that’s coming sounds an alarm that only the Christian can hear.

Mom and Dad’s kids have that hearing aid for the coming storm that’s near.


Twice Adopted is the title of Michael Reagan’s recent book.
Twice Adopted has a message, if you take a closer look.

Michael’s dual blessing lingers as he dwells on it today.
Reflecting on his lifetime, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

First adopted by the Reagan’s (Ron and Jane to all their friends).
Then came the grand adoption with a love that has no end.

Michael knows that twice as chosen, it was part of love’s intent.
Now he’s found the second choosing was surely heaven sent.

Here no natural means can hasten an eternal, spiritual birth.
God looked on man’s condition and gave us Calvary’s worth.

For our Lord came here in person to finalize the adoption deal
And His blood became the signature whereby our soul was sealed.

Michael knows in realms of nature and a supernatural one, that
He was chosen and named forever as a father’s precious son.

The Road

(A tribute to love between a father and son – in respectful memory of Ennis William Cosby)

On the road your life had traveled, a shadow draped about your feet.
Told you someone closely followed; made your focus more complete.
In the shade of love’s protection, grew the shadow unto his own,
And in time the shadow ended, for light was freely shown.
Though some thought, he was your shadow, you surveyed the truth sublime.
You, the object in position, would propel the light in time.
Now that road has changed forever, as a shadow of another kind,
Clothed in cape of dread and darkness, surpassed the body and the mind.
In the distance lies a tunnel where you’ll walk closed in from sound.
To protect from dark’s illusion of the sadness that’s been found.