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Letters From Home

I came across some letters – a treasure full of hope, where visions of that future now give me a way to cope.

I have these many letters because my parents kept them all,
and now, even after they are gone, these words still seem to call.

Where do my words and hopes go now? To God’s paternal hands,
and there God sees my hopes and dreams and wants me to understand
that He penned letters to His home and had my name inscribed.
Oh how blessed is the thought of how I was described.

“My son – Dennis – an only son, I know that term quite well.
If you could hear my plans for you, the half you’d gladly tell.
You see, My dreams and plans for you aren’t in the stain of pen,
But, came through blood that I had shed – a stain because of sin.
I keep your hopes and dreams real close. They reveal what’s on your heart,
and they are safe at home on high – the place where hope does start.

Your mom and dad did keep these notes as treasures in the deep.
Please know My thoughts and plans for you are a covenant I keep.
So when you walk through each new day, this lesson I will teach:
Stay in My hands, for ALL my plans are safe within My reach.”

Love to You.

Side by Side

Side by side they lay in peace, because of Christ the King.
If not for Christ, this visit here would great hopelessness bring.

The truth is, they’re not covered up with soil or grass — it’s true.
They’re covered by the grace of God that still avails for you.

The blanket of the love of God wrapped them into His arms.
For all these years they’ve rested there, safe from all life’s alarms.

So, may this moment turn your focus from grave to skies ablaze,
Where they’re at peace and joining in heaven’s choir of grandest praise.

What a Friend

Written to the tune of “What a Friend we have in Jesus”

Written for Lillian Luken and all who grew up loving the hymns of old.

“What A Friend We Have in Jesus” – Lillian Luken’s favorite song.
Oh how precious is this lady – she’s been a gracious melody all along.
Oh what peace we see within her; love comes out through every pore.
Just because we saw Lil Luken walk right through the church’s door.

Like us all, she’s had her trials, which she’s shouldered with her Lord.
He has borne the greatest burden – something she could not afford.
This, a song sung from her childhood – her family had a hearth in song.
What a friend we have in Lillian. This is where the song belongs.

Bring Jerusalem Home

Our Savior’s final statement, as He left this world in

Was to draw a map of witness for those lost within the

Jesus knew the city of the kings, named for the place of peace,
and set the Grand Commission for man’s personal soul release.

He mentioned first Jerusalem — reach those whose lives are near.
Then Judea and the uttermost, in pursuit of truth that’s clear.

We tend to proceed far in life, so concerned for those still lost,
yet we don’t check the rear-view mirror of God’s love at such a cost.

No matter where you find yourself, as a witness read this poem:
don’t forget your friends and family when you bring Jerusalem home.

Love On a Porch

With wood and nails the place is set to
Form a union there,
And draw all those gathered round-
This hallowed time to share.

The porch serves to connect a home; it’s
Covered entrance bare.
But filled with mercy and love in veiw,
Shows hope beyond compare.

The painted work that has been done will
Greet the guests that come,
Adorning the house that’s been prepared,
For what this home’s become.

It’s attached to our great home on high,
Where there’s another piece of wood.
The nails of Christ kept grace intact,
As heaven knew it would.

With Calvary’s wood and nails in place,
This day can be complete.
God welcomed us into His home-
A real wedding feast.

This painted porch will be the stage for
Love revealed in bloom.
May each one sense the garden host
In nature’s wedding room.

The Graduate

How proud we are, as your church home, of this
achievement, Leigh.
We lay you in God’s loving arms for what He’s
called you to be.

You’ve endured the years of tests and books — of the things your hands
did hold.
Now take those lessons in your soul for the life yet on the road.

This closing time of school gone by opens up new avenues.
May Jesus, who is the only way, show what’s still in store for you.

Two Gardens

When sin entered the picture, they were in God’s garden of delight.
Upon that great infraction, came their exit unto night.

God’s angel guards crossed swords to watch o’er the garden entrance door,
and set the stage for a second time when another garden was in store.

The second garden was Gethsemane – the olive press in phrase.
Our Lord’s life was squeezed in time, yet to His Father he gave the praise.

No one wanted to enter these premises, for drops of blood were Jesus’ tears.
He faced this evening all alone, to the tune of Satan’s cheers.

The angels ministered unto Him, because He was not the sin He bore.
He was preparing a grand opening for the garden’s eternal door.

To go from garden to garden, in a place where flowers bloom
was our Lord, who paid the entrance fee and uncrossed the swords at the garden tomb.

A Gust of Wind

A gust of wind – its gentle breeze – picked up Brian on that day
And laid him into Jesus’ arms, where he will forever stay.
Night will hover o’er no more, since the shadows then did flee.
He lives in God’s own purest light for all eternity.
How wonderful to read the words, that Brian went to rest
On the Lord’s day in the afternoon, with his family feeling blest.
Now may the wind of God lift you each in his Fatherly love,
For the gust of God’s own wind whispers, he’s safe in heaven above.

A Thanksgiving Meal

The law of first mention of this term “thanksgiving” is found in an
Old Testament text.
Leviticus 7:11 speaks of a peace offering to heaven. Let’s examine
what in Scripture comes next.

The peace or fellowship offering included thanksgiving, and that for
a Christian is quite real.
Here the blood was so shed – both male and female had bled. God
made access for all through this meal.

More than a holiday table or words said in a fable, thanksgiving was
God’s relational feast.
Any summoned could come, if they approached through the Son.
Christ died for the best and least.

When the invitation is made, the price has been paid. God’s heart
was embossed on that call.
His grand table was set – You, He did not forget. This Thanksgiving
meal is one and for all.

Beyond the Mile Markers

Upon life’s road there are mile markers, where we can
Become stranded for a while.
These times, we lose our bearings, trying to get going in our

It’s kind of like 45 years ago, when as a nation we did weep
For the sudden shock — a president killed. Would our
Innocence truly keep ?

Two such markers stopped us dead in the tracks of life as
We then knew,
And led us here to grieve and grow — to rejoin the journey,

These two mile markers were the deaths of our sweet
Mother and dear dad.
Life marched on in its own parade, with a hurt that kept us

These two mile markers are not the end of the path that we
Each must trod,
But become faith spots to regain our trust as we’re
Marching forth to God.