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Beyond the Mile Markers

Upon life’s road there are mile markers, where we can
Become stranded for a while.
These times, we lose our bearings, trying to get going in our

It’s kind of like 45 years ago, when as a nation we did weep
For the sudden shock — a president killed. Would our
Innocence truly keep ?

Two such markers stopped us dead in the tracks of life as
We then knew,
And led us here to grieve and grow — to rejoin the journey,

These two mile markers were the deaths of our sweet
Mother and dear dad.
Life marched on in its own parade, with a hurt that kept us

These two mile markers are not the end of the path that we
Each must trod,
But become faith spots to regain our trust as we’re
Marching forth to God.

A Soul in a Box

If you’ve ever wonder why shoe boxes bring
the world such needed joy,
consider they are prepared with love for precious girls and boys.

It’s not a mere chance these boxes are used to bring the blessings there,
for we see it in Ephesians 6 as how we are to share.

We’re told to have our feet shod with the gospel of His peace.
This keeps us on the path of life, bringing salvation’s sure release.

So graciously, God clothed these gifts where shoes before were laid,
to get us up on our own feet, for the price our Lord had paid.

If you’re still perplexed why these were used, here’s a play on words in whole;
just like every shoe that was in a box, so each child has a soul.

God’s Camera Lense

The camera lense captures our placement in these hallowed walls,
and shows the rows of worshippers inside the sacred halls.

Its eye reveals the form we take while in the listening pose,
where congregants respond in kind to how the Spirit flows..

The camera also finds the angle of the pulpit’s spiritual height;
the Shepherd focused on the lambs beneath His oversight.

The visual lines — pulpit and pew, engage the altar where,
we find our place of victory, which with our Lord we share.

Above the platform, a skylight looms, with heaven’s lense encased –
a reminder God is looking in, with hopes we’ll see His face.

The Other Side of Caring

One of our first conversations,
was when I came to Unity.
There you were – behind the counter,
a ray of hope for those in need.

Now you find yourself in weakness,
which could have drained your spirit dry.
But I know the Spirit’s fullness,
goes beyond our sense to try.

On the other side of caring,
please behold your status there.
Our beloved Susan’s treasured,
and knows God’s family truly cares.

Little One Lullabye

To the tune of: Lullabye and Goodnight

Lullabye’s come at night, though you’re in God’s grand day time.
You are missed with a kiss from earth’s family time line.

Close your eyes for the prize, since the Savior adores you.
You’re His love up above, where God’s promises are true.

Open eyes – God’s surprise! You’re grown fully in His graces.
No despair ‘ere is there. You’re a gem in both places.

Lullabyes come at night, you’re tucked into our hearts here.
You’re at rest in God’s best, held within His arms so near.

Love was close when Christ arose and He welcomed her in light.
Be at peace with His release in God’s Lullabye at Night.

Just Love Them

“Just love them” was the mandate as you set your gaze to come.
“Just love them” don’t seek to change them, and you’ll see what they’ll become.
“Just love them” was the spirit for the tone which you did set.
“Just love them” is not a phase of life, but a ministry well spent.

For God’s love is the foundation of the grace Calvary wrought,
and you balanced truth with gentleness of the kind salvation bought.
And loving means transparence of your heart through veils of clay.
In this solemn moment, we thank you here today.

“Just love them” was told to Peter, so to Jesus’ lambs He did tend.
The Great Shepherd drew His man forward to help each sheep to mend.
“Just love them” is not a catch phrase, but the heart of God in time.
“Just love them” is the answer to the questions you did find.

When you love, God shows His presence and reveals what mortals see.
There’s a glow that’s captured in the center of the Sovereign’s mystery.
The crescendo of your love here is the anthem your life did bring,
And continues to point us upward, where heaven’s praises ring.

“Just love them” was God’s instrument, as you worked the Potter’s wheel.
“Just love them” found its liberty as you showed the grace to yield.
“Just love them” was the guidance as your mind did wield His Word.
“Just love them” was God’s focus and at Living Springs was gladly heard.

The love you gave was first bestowed upon your weathered brow.
“Just love them” came from God’s own throne. I hope you feel it now.
You loved us through your counsel and from your teachings we have learned.
On behalf of this great family, we love you in return.

Walking With Maida

Our lovely Maida made a path of prayer through the years.
Walking, talking as she shared of Jesus through the tears.

She laid a path and left her life prints on the soil of earth.
Eternity cannot record the value she is worth.

So, when you find yourself in prayer as you daily go,
remember Maida left her mark to reach souls here below.

Her walk of prayer dropped seeds of faith along the road each day,
where blooms of life will spring forth because Maida came this way,

A New Year’s Prayer

With a New Year on our calendar, our great God dwells not in time.
His work in us comes from His throne, through His blessed will divine.

Since every day is new to God – His mercies are daily shown,
we need not look to dates themselves, but to the eternal “I Am” alone.

There is no timeline we can access, for the Lord exceeds in all.
He expects that we will look to Him and at Jesus’ feet we’ll fall.

So whenever you are tempted to detail God’s varied plan this way,
just recall that God may work through time, but it’s not our hope and stay.

God With Us

There’s the God of the universe and the God of history,
but the God that matters most in life is the God who came to me.

In a baby form, He cradled me from a life of sin and shame.
God gave the gift of heaven’s joy. It was wrapped in Jesus’ name.

This Immanuel – Our God with us, is a tabernacle view.
Take a closer Look in the manger scene: There’s a gift inside for you.

A Day of Peace

Today is the anniversary of Armistice Day, that day when the peace treaty with Germany
was signed for the western front in 1917.

The term “Armistice” is from the Latin “arma”, meaning “weapons and stadium; a truce.”
That truce was fully realized in the European theater on June 28, 1919 in Versaille, France, officially ending World War I — also called the “War to end all wars.”

Our dad was born four years before this truce and mom was born one year later. Their
births were surrounded by war and peace.

This is a great reminder to turn our attention to the battle that has raged for the soul of man. Here we find the resting place of our parents, who each found their treaty of peace with the Savior. It was signed with the blood of Jesus and still avails today.

Jesus signed the Armistice of Peace on the cross of Calvary; mom and dad each ratified it with their choice to sign on for peace from the battle that waged against them.

The devil was finished on the cross, but the actual culmination of the peace treaty from heaven will find its Versaille when the last person on this earth accepts the finished work of Calvary.

Mom and dad found peace; now let’s make sure we each have peace — peace in Christ,
most importantly, and peace from the battle that wages around this soil.

Jesus provided the truce. Now we need to sign up to make its effect into our lives.