The Sayings of Jean Halvorson

P-ray-erInside is God’s ray of light.
How to fast: F-ocus A-ll S-enses T-otally“for the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your good.” Psalm 112:9 ASV
Pray that churches will reflect Christ and not culture.
The blood of Christ changes the outcome.
Fasting makes us slow down and feast on His Truth.
Stay in God's handsthat's where miracles come from.
God cradled us in His arms with the birth of His Son.
Speak the Father's language.The Son was the Word extended to open up the speech.
Little has the word 'lit' in it - a small spark can fan God's flame and light the world.- August 16, 2015
Prayer is not asking God for what we want; it is getting to the place where God is more important than anything.- November 2010
"In the word 'seek' is the word 'see'. You can tell what you are seeking by who you are seeing. Seek Christ.- September 6, 2015
What acronym can we spell from the three main areas: Prayer, Evangelism and The Word. It spells P.E.W. It involves the pulpit and the pew.- May 29, 2013
When asked about not needing a paper to define membership..."It just immediately took me back to the 60s and how a paperless relationship (no marriage license) has not brought the freedom they thought it would."
The God-Head: In His creation, He shows three in one through water: solid (ice), liquid, and vapor. Same substance, different forms. It's a small way God revealed Himself in nature.
If you still think you have to EARN it (salvation), then you really haven't LEARNED it.
To repent is to alter one's way of looking at life; it is to take God's point of view, instead of our own.
Happy Valentine's Day to a couple whose love is a daily banquet at His feet.
Personally, I've never prayed for what I've wanted;I've always asked what the Lord's will is. I figure He knows me better than I know myself.
Think you are possessed by the fear that if you don't do something about your situation, God won't either. Let the praise accelerate, not the panic.
Don't look down, look up.- in reference at her dad's funeral in April 1990