God in Flesh

Does the appearance fill these criteria? “Incarnate” – Greek word “Theos” and “Phanetein” “show or manifest”.

  1. Physical form – not a mirage. Can eat, sit, do physical functions. Can be in a dream or vision; a form of some sort. Exodus 3:1-3 = NAME OF GOD.
  2. Is worshipped. Accepts worship. Person will recognize Him as Divine. E.g. Jacob in Genesis 6:13f. John 1:1-3, 14: CREATOR.
  3. Talks about God in first person “I”. Identifies Himself as Yahweh=Jehovah, but makes Himself distinct from Yahweh. I John 1:1-3= MANIFEST.
  4. Gives directive to person. Makes known divine will. Stood as eternal priest. John 5:37-38 – Have not seen the form of the Father, but have of the Son (“if you’ve seen Me, you have seen the Father).
  5. True manifestation of God. Equates Himself with the Father, yet distinguishes Himself in form and person. (John 8:16, 18; 7:33). “I am sending My Angel before you”. Sent one.
  6. Different from Typology – “He blessed Abraham”…vs 19. Psalm 110:4. Brings food for Melchizedek – Gen 14:17-24. Angel of the Lord – Numb 22:22 = took stand natural presence. Angel – Gen 18:1-2 – transfiguration – bowed in worship – vs 2. Wash feet – Apostle Peter. Direction – promise – vs .10.

Characterized by use of verb “appear” with Yahweh as Subject. Verb is passive form of “ru’a”, which means “to see”. It means He let Himself be seen.