Women With Issues

Scripture References: Matthew 9:18-22;

I was reading a story. Matthew 9:18-22, where Jesus is passing by and on his way to a synagogue official’s house, when He is in the crowd and the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years touches Him.

Remember that in the Jewish life, a woman bleeding (it generally means her monthly) has to be separated, but this woman crawls her way to healing. She is probably stepped on by the crowd, yet with her ebbing strength, reaches out her hand and touches the hem of the garment of Jesus.

This refers to the High Priest’s garment of the Old Testament, where he could go in to the Holy of Holies one day a year (Atonement), and he had bells on the bottom fringe, in the event he disobeyed something and they knew by the sound of the bell that he was likely dead. Here, the woman doesn’t speak to Him, but Jesus speaks of her: ‘Virtue has left my body; who has touched Me?”

Of course He knew who touched Him, but He wanted to see if she would admit it. He then says: “Daughter (don’t you love the tenderness to that?), take courage, your faith has made you well (meaning whole, healed completely).

Jesus was on His way somewhere else when He came across this lady, but I assure you, she wasn’t “in the way”; she was in the right place/time to be touched by the Master.

Her faith was seen in her words and actions. Jesus hears your cries and sees your faith. He’ll give you a Scripture that is a real promise to you. We can’t trust the promises of people, but we can trust His.